Fundamental Trading

In the course of advanced Forex4inv we teach you the best techniques to operate fundamental news successfully. These publications are often very explosive and generate many pips in a few minutes. Learning how to obtain profitability from these situations that occur every day at set hours is a great opportunity.



In financial markets there is no other event as explosive and with so much potential for movement in a short space of time as the fundamental news event. Its purpose is to act as a means to achieve predetermined targets in a fast way. Our task is to detect intentions and anticipate entries.



This is another great advantage of fundamental trading over other strategies. Almost every day there is news of operable high impact, scheduled for months by the responsible institutions, confined to a predetermined timetable. This is easily manageable routine trading.



The fundamental ads are usually operated by large financial and investment institutions. In preparing their operations they leave a trail interpretable as volume, and although the Forex is a decentralized market, we can still use this powerful tool to predict the intentions of big investors.





Fundamental Advantages of trading:

In financial markets there are no other events that keep moving so many pips in as little time as macroeconomic announcements. The relationship between the potential of each piece of news and the time required to achieve it is very attractive, since it is necessary to invest very little time waiting for a jolt to hit your target. The fundamental news trading has another huge advantage over the vast majority of trading strategies and market systems: Its punctuality.

The fundamental trading is limited to the publication of news that have already been scheduled, even weeks in advance. Very easily we can know what day and time it will be published the result of an ad. Therefore, you don’t need to spend hours in front of the monitor waiting for a chance. Either this occurs at the time of publication, or not. Limiting, largely, potential errors.

In a society where combining work and family life is very complicated, to have the possibility of devoting to trading a schedule is useful.

Almost every day there is operable news with preset times. From the advanced course Forex4inv we offer the possibility of opportunities adapted to our timetable, through an approach without preconceptions.



Our goal:

Our goal is not only to apply the best techniques, but continue to keep us at the forefront research and disseminate our knowledge. The fundamental trading has allowed us to create this different course, creatively focused and supported by our years of experience. Definitely recommend our clients (link to testimonials).

We seek to help you achieve your success as a trader, as it is our success as trainers.

The course:

In Forex4inv we not disseminate a typical course based on standard assumptions. Our work begins with a thorough analysis of market realities and prospects weekly. Understanding the particular scenario and being sensitive to their structure and volume, we seek to detect the intent and directionality towards which seeks to exploit the future news. Applying techniques of the theory of volume and taking into account the relative strength of each instrument, we show how to detect the best currency pair where the impact of the news is expected to be greater and involve less risk. Over 30% of the duration of our advanced course includes live trading account fundamental announcements occurred during creation. We apply the theory explained previously on the market.


This is the choice for those who prefer a more focused training in them and / or want to make a direct creative strategy team consultations. You can hire the support for one year, as we believe that a good education is that which endures through time. We defend the idea that you can choose to invest your money. And that’s why we offer the course and stand separately. Perhaps you make the course and do not need additional assistance. You should not pay for something you do not need to use.




1 Previous concepts
        A – News list
                    a – Australia
                    b – Canada
                    c – USA
                    d – United Kingdom
                    e – New Zealand
                    f – European Union
      B – Pages of Interest
      C – Key points and preparation of news
                    a – Timing considerations
                    b – Considerations TF
                    c – Considerations levels
                    d – Considerations candles, patterns and structures
                    e – Considerations Relative Strength
                    f – Template price-volume
      D – Terminology
                    a- Neck
                    b- Structural failure
                    c- Section
                    d- Fractality
                    e- Harmonic Pattern
                    f- 1-2-3 Patern
      E – Recommendations
      F – Objective, speed and correlation / decorrelation
      G – Trading Plan
2 – Pre New
      A – Important Candles
                    a – Spykes against
                                       a1 – Stop loss
                                       a2 – Structure
                                       a3 – Other training
                                       a4 – Training flag type
                                       a5 – Training pause a candle
                                       a6 – The upward push
                                       a7 – Formation of the last candle
                                                           1 – Exhaustion
                                                           2 – Decision
                    b – Sandwiched candle
                    c – Candle test
                    d – Candle range and low volume
                    e – Candles with great range and volume
      B – Patterns
                    a – Effort – Results
                    b – Pause before reaching level relevant
                    c – Clímax
                    d – 2BR
                    e – Al pip over a candle
                    f – Scheme decongestion: CUOA
                    g – Backlog forced candles
      C – Structure
                    a – Structure for accumulation / distribution
                    b – + bob Structure
                    c – breackout Structure
                    d – Structure trend without reaching level
                    e – Shaking range
                    f – Consolidation above level
                    g – Section with speed
3 – Input methods used
      A – Trap
      B – Backspace especially 1M
      C – Climax + test
4 – Objetives
5 – Election of the pair (correlation)
      A- Relative Strength
      B- Examples
6 – Journal: Catalogue news systematized operated
7 – Examples in real account



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