Fundamental Trading

In the course of advanced Forex4inv we teach you the best techniques to operate fundamental news successfully. These publications are often very explosive and generate many pips in a few minutes. Learning how to obtain profitability from these situations that occur every day at set hours is a great opportunity



In financial markets there is no other event as explosive and with so much potential for movement in a short space of time as the fundamental news event. Its purpose is to act as a means to achieve predetermined targets in a fast way. Our task is to detect intentions and anticipate entries.



This is another great advantage of fundamental trading over other strategies. Almost every day there is news of operable high impact, scheduled for months by the responsible institutions, confined to a predetermined timetable. This is easily manageable routine trading.



The fundamental ads are usually operated by large financial and investment institutions. In preparing their operations they leave a trail interpretable as volume, and although the Forex is a decentralized market, we can still use this powerful tool to predict the intentions of big investors.

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